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Customer FAQ

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, debit cards, and cash. Personal checks are accepted with proper ID and approval through our national check verification system. Business checks for any amount can only be accepted with proper ID and live bank verification. 

What do the dates mean on your price tickets?

At Revue, our items are automatically discounted every 15 days for the duration of the 90-day consignment period.  

The first price listed is the Original Price.

As each markdown date passes, the price on the item changes.

Find the most recently passed date on the left and the current price is listed to the right.



I can't come back on the date that the price changes. Can I have the next markdown now?


Items can only be sold at the price that reflects the date on the ticket. Waiting for a price change can be a gamble at ReVue. Our inventory turns very quickly and what is here today is often gone tomorrow. Our advice has always been that if you love it, buy it! 

Can I make an offer?

All items are priced as they are marked with a price adjustment of 10% every 15 days until sold. Offers can be made if the current price on an item is over $250.

Will you hold items while I make up my mind?

There are no holds due to the time sensitive nature of our pricing.

Do you offer storage?

Yes, all SOLD items have three days of free storage. All sold items are deemed the property of the purchaser at the point of purchase. Grandview Mercantile and ReVue will not be held responsible for any damage incurred to items not removed from the store at the point of purchase.


If long term storage is needed (over 3 days), we can provide you with a list of storage companies that can accommodate this need. 

Will you load items into my vehicle?

Your safety is very important to us so we always recommend that you use a professional moving service. We will be happy to provide you with a list of insured professional movers who specialize in small moves. If you choose to move items yourself, please be advised that due to our insurance restrictions, our associates are not permitted to load items into your vehicle. For your convenience, we will move your items to the front door, with the exception of fragile antiques, large items that require disassembly or items that weigh more than 50 pounds.  

What arrangements do I need to make to pick up my items?

If you choose not to use the services of a professional mover, please note the following:

Please notify us at 614-421-5870 a minimum of 8 hours in advance of when you will be picking up your items.

When possible, we will bring your items to the front door or the back loading area; however, large items (over 50 pounds) or pieces needing disassembly will not be moved. When you arrive, there is a call box by the garage door. Please note that in some circumstances, at the discretion of management, large or fragile items will not be moved from their original display area.

Insurance regulations and liability issues do not allow us to place items in your car or truck. Please make sure that you bring enough help to enable you to load your vehicle safely. We can provide a 4-wheel cart and/or skids for you to use in transporting your items from the loading area to your vehicle.
We cannot disassemble items, so be prepared with the right tools (i.e. packing blankets, bubble wrap, rope for tie down, etc.).

What is your return policy?

All sales are final and all items are sold "as is." Please examine items carefully prior to purchase. As we are selling antiques and previously owned merchandise, most items will exhibit some wear indicative of age.

Can you deliver my items?

We can provide you with a list of bonded and insured specialty moving companies that will give priority service to Grandview Mercantile and ReVue customers.